Chapel Holistics Beauty Retreat Cheadle Hulme


Chapel Holistics Beauty Retreat Cheadle Hulme

Chapel Holistics Complimentary Treatments in Cheadle Hulme


From Fire Cupping to Chakra Balancing - we have your wellbeing covered

It’s important to note that complementary therapies should never be used as an alternative to mainstream medical treatments without expert advice. At Chapel, we love to explore and investigate the benefits of these therapies.

Fire Cupping


This ancient Chinese medical therapy encourages blood flow,  improves circulation, and draws out toxins from the body. Fire Cupping uses specially designed glass cups, warmed with a live flame and quickly applied to the skin to create a vacuum. Our clients report a feeling, and results, similar to a deep tissue massage for numerous ailments including – but not limited to – sciatica, trapped muscles and tension. 



Reiki is an age-old natural Holistic Therapy, working with energy, to balance the body’s various chakras and auras, aiming to reset your being to its correct alignment. Reiki is known to help with managing stress, alleviating anxiety; even easing depression and generally improving your wellbeing. Reiki sessions may also deliver messages from your body and soul for us to share. The healing journey ends with an Angel card, delivering further personalised spiritual guidance. 

Hopi Ear Candling


The warming and comforting ear candling treatment is ever-increasingly popular, as it’s not only calming and relaxing but helps to relieve sinus pressure, dislodge ear wax, soothe headaches, ease tinnitus and is beneficial for many other ear, nose, and throat-related problems. A gentle and therapeutic massage around the area ensures full effectiveness. Hopi Ear Candle is also loved by hayfever sufferers.



Reflexology is so much more than just a wonderful foot massage – though it certainly is that, too.  Specific pressure techniques are applied to designated parts of the feet – each linked to an area within the body – which stimulates the appropriate nerve endings, or reflexes. A skilled reflexologist can treat and even identify certain conditions and ailments. It is a deeply relaxing treatment which works all of your body’s systems; enhancing energy flow and encouraging the body to heal itself. We can tell from this treatment whether there are any areas of concern in your body, and so help to promote well-being literally from top to toe. 

Chakra Balancing Reflexology


We’ve combined our two most popular Holistic treatments to create this ultimate uplifting and rebalancing experience. By attuning to your body through Reiki, we harness the power of our Crystal pendulum to guide us to your body’s healing requirements; the healing power of crystals has been the subject of much research. Working with your internal systems through the reflexology points of the feet, we promote well-being and healing inside and out. Finish your healing journey with an Angel card to deliver further spiritual guidance. 

Tarot Reading


The most powerful sources of information can be from within; sometimes called a sixth sense or referred to as intuition. Tarot helps you come into contact with your higher self, to identify where you have been on your path, where you are presently – and crucially, where your future path could take you. Laura expertly uses traditional card reading methods.